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My passion for the eyes saw the light the day I gave the arm to a blind man to help him cross the street. I was fourteen years old.

Since then, it has continually grown, nourished by an aesthetic sense cultivated within a family of artists, steeped in Eastern diversity and impregnated with Western spirit. The expression and blossoming of my art have Paris as land of choice.

It is rich of this background that I scan and observe life in my singular way, to reveal its soft or colorful beauties, to grasp its ephemeral moments. I embrace the world as it is, with all its nuances and subtleties, and I appropriate reality as much as imaginary, the animate as well as the immobile.

My sources of inspiration are the grandeur and fragility of Nature and Man. I praise the textural variations of the former and celebrate the figurative richness of the latter.

In both, I look for the work of time and chance, fix with a click the moments of small happiness, then I dip my pen in the palette of lights, and interpret the breath of life.

My only goal: to bring an aesthetic look at the magic of the omnipresent invisible.

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